Executive Director, USA

Joe is the Executive Director for Tonic3 and W3 in the U.S. and is responsible for our UX Agency, Consulting Services, and Nearshore Development teams.  He cares deeply about doing User Experience right and works to ensure we have a well-built, well-trained, and well-led team to deliver world-class work for our clients.  Joe’s #1 job is to make sure that we not only deliver great results, but deliver them true to our culture of Hard Work, Plain Speak, and Accountability.


After receiving his MBA in International Business, Joe has fed his hunger for challenges with management postings doing work across 12 countries, three industries, three languages, and multiple business models - building and managing both large and small teams along the way.  In 2008 he left the corporate world joining W3 to launch a nearshore development model, then a UX agency in 2014 and a Consulting Services business in 2015.  Joe believes that User Experience, with its changing nature, evolving influence, and growing body of knowledge presents an endlessly fascinating challenge.  When not working he enjoys his wife and 4 kids, competitive soccer, woodwork, and volunteer time mentoring teenagers.



Managing Director, User Experience

Marti leads the work at Tonic3 that focuses on building and delivering UX solutions. Along with Joanne Kok, Marti’s leadership helps us deliver work that solves the right problems and is beautiful, practical, usable and scalable. She is a UX professional with more than 20 years of enterprise-level experience and specializes in UX problem analysis, user interface and interaction design, rapid prototyping and the development of corporate UX standards. Marti is the author of “UX Style Frameworks: Creating Collaborative Standards.”


The former Creative Director for Travelocity, her award-winning portfolio also includes work for Citi, Intuit, Envestnet, AT&T, Expedia, Dish Network, MGM Grand, and many other internationally known brands. Her past speaking events include SXSW Interactive 2015 and TalkUX in Atlanta, while her logo design for the MGM Grand is one of world’s most recognized brand symbols.  Marti is passionate about the benefits of rapid prototyping and testing, and creating reusable components to decrease time to market.


Director of Research and Testing

Joanne leads the work at Tonic3 that focuses on user-centered research and strategy.  Along with Marti Gold, Joanne’s leadership ensures our is grounded in a fully articulated view of reality - because great brands and user experiences simply cannot be delivered without it.


Her specialty is crafting rigorous, yet practical client programs grounded in a rich, nuanced knowledge base.  This base provides the foundation for everyone’s work and makes it possible for Tonic3 to help clients deliver delightful, differentiated user experiences.  As Joanne has honed her innate curiosity though work in industries as diverse as e-commerce, finance, software development, and travel, and with experiences ranging from leading Travelocity’s Global Consumer Insight group to helping both start-ups and major brands, such as Intuit, Lennox, Envestnet, and Active Network, she has developed the ability to quickly grasp both the core factors and nuances that face each new client.



Managing Director, Customer Experience

Ginger is a customer advocate that enjoys improving the world we live in through innovation and user experience lead design.  She is responsible for company growth, ensuring delighted customers and the project management team.  Her focus is being a trusted advisor, contract originator and facilitator, strategic leadership, strong communicator and an excellent listener.  Her passion is building long-term relationships through dedication, teamwork and results.


She has provided professional services to customers for over 20 years.  A few of the companies she has worked with include:  Expedia, Neiman Marcus, Sally Beauty, Dallas County, ABSG, PepsiCo, PSCU and


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