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The Creative Center of Excellence (CCOE) works as an internal agency serving various Citibank teams. Tonic3 has the privilege to help design, build out, and manage key roles to ensure the best team composition and performance.


  • TEAM:
  • 6 Digital/Graphic Designers
  • 4 Motion/Video Designers
  • 2 Deck Designers
  • 8 Copywriters
  • 3 Proofreaders
  • 4 Project Managers
  • 1 Market Analyst
  • Ongoing
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching for each team member
  • Employee management
  • Client support and relationship management
  • Employee Rewards & Retention incentives
  • Recruiting, onboarding, hiring



Develop a counter-staffing operating model for hiring and retaining employees to serve a single client on an ongoing assignment.
• Attract top talent by hiring full time - salary, benefits, PTO. No hourly contracting. • Emphasize employee retention and invest in employee development. • Continue the high-touch approach with frequent client and employee interactions. • Own employee management and reduce client headaches.


It began with a proactive approach to recruiting, reaching out and engaging directly with our connections and networking to attract the much larger “passive job seekers” market, rather than relying solely on receiving qualified applicants to job postings. This approach led to the hiring of many extremely talented team members while maintaining an annual retention rate of close to 90%.
The initial CCOE team expansion resulted in the hiring of 9 full-time Tonic3 employees, a mix of designers, writers and a project manager. With these new hires being fully dedicated to our client, we hired each employee within the market where our client team was located. This presented an additional logistics challenge for Tonic3, managing employees in different cities and states. It required consistent communication not only with our employees but with our client contacts at CCOE to ensure our team was meeting performance expectations. This feedback loop helped our team members grow and make adjustments on the job and allowed our client an outlet to share praise or voice concerns. The amazing trust and partnership from CCOE, paired with the hard work and dedication from the right Tonic3 team members helped make this model a success.
Over a 5 year period, with Tonic3 employees in place, CCOE organically grew their client base through the quality of their work and stellar reputation. This led to a natural need for expansion by 2020 and once again Tonic3 was called on to provide the resources.

Our Work

Growth & Stability

Since partnering with CCOE in 2015, the number of full-time Tonic3 employees representing this team has grown to 27 people. The hard work and dedication of Tonic3’s employees under CCOE’s direction have organically helped to grow their client base, leading to an increase in work and hence their natural growth and expansion each and every year.
About CCOE

The Creative Center of Excellence (CCOE) team at Citi employs design and copy to create transparency and clarity of Citi’s communications, portraying ‘One Citi’ direction and ensuring ‘Simplification’ as a practice. The team is continually growing and expanding their scope of work as a result of their digital, business and channel expertise in support of key execution priorities. They serve as the key control point to maintain consistency across strategic guidelines. CCOE has a 100% client satisfaction rate due to the relationships they have built as well as their SLA timing and quality of work.

Tonic3 Case Studies

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