Managed Services

The trusted relationship we have with the Tonic3 team is remarkable and has elevated our whole team to an awesome place.

SVP, Financial Services, Citibank

Our Approach

Managed Services For Your Team

Annoyed with the “butts in seats” approach from Staffing agencies? Disgusted with the eye-popping cost from Consultancies? Looking for a simple, straightforward partner to help you grow your team quickly? We’ve got you covered. We started providing Managed services at the request of a client (after we had said no) and have found we’re pretty good at it. See how we’re different.

Managed Services

Blended Teams

We're flexible! Our best - in – class approach combines an ability to co-locate teammates at your site, build remote teams, and blend US and Nearshore talent. The result is high value delivered from both an expertise and cost perspective.

US Talent

Co-located or remote

Blended Team

Co-located or remote, in our Dallas office and Latam production centers

Nearshore Talent

In our Latam production centers

We believe that when the right talent meets the right opportunity in a company with the right philosophy, amazing transformation can happen.

Reid Hoffman

Managed Services

Managed Services: Better Than Consulting. Better than Staff Augmentation.

Traditional Staffing & Consulting

After a candidate is placed, little to no contact occurs with the employee

Filling Headcount is the primary objective and often the extent of a relationship

Inflated rates, overage fee, strict terms

Frustrating weekly timesheets

Tonic3 Managed Services

Everyone we hire is an employee of Tonic3, and we treat them like one.

Your managers have access to our digital agency and User Experience expertise and facilities.

Reasonable rates. No overtime billing. Mutually agreed terms.

Fixed-Rate monthly billing for predictable budgeting.

We get to partner with some great clients

User ExperienceManaged Services

AD Prototyping DCL Admin

Managed Services

Citibank Creative Center of Excellence

User ExperienceManaged Services

Pizza Hut

User Experience

City of Buenos Aires Website and Digital Presence


Kane Robotics

User Experience


User Experience


“It has been a pleasure working with your team and we are really excited for the launch of the iComfort Portal in the first half of the year. The teams have made significant progress in the development stage.”

Sweta Hari, Lennox 2018

Let’s Talk!

Managed Services For Your Business

If you are tired of dealing with the “throw something at the wall and hope it sticks” approach from Staffing companies and leary of the “not responsible for execution” attitude from Consultancies, we are the middle ground you are looking for. Reach out and let us see if our niche service can help.

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