We looked at several companies, but Tonic3 stood out. Their comprehensive approach was very impressive... They met with developers, stakeholders, and cutomers to come up with a strategy plan and excuted it as promised. Can't say enough about this company.

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Research & Insights For Your Business

A few properly positioned questions and well-founded answers saves a large amount of time, money, and tears. Why are we doing this? What pain points does it solve? What is considered success? The list goes on a bit - but it’s not too long. There are a few core items that, when addressed, set the foundation for success for all that follows.

Research & Insights

Our User Research Deliverables

Heuristic Evaluation

Competitive Analysis

User Personas & Journey Maps

Actionable Recommendation

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Heuristic Evaluation

A quick way to get started: Tonic3 strategist will perform an audit of how your application works today, relative to current best practices and design norms. Quickly determine how your application performs.

Competitive Analysis

Explore perceptions, compare features, evaluate usability vs your direct and indirect competitors so you know how your experience stacks up and how to enhance your offering and gain advantage.

Interview highlight reel video

See for yourself first-hand what your target audience values and needs from you, so there is no misunderstanding, get all your team members aligned, and avoid costly failures.

User Personas & Journey Maps

Deepen your understanding Through rich, in-depth user profiles to understand user neeeds, pains, and goals before, during and after their interactions with you so you can find new ways to drive revenue.

Actionable Recommendation

Insights aren't useful, unless they're actionable: Tonic3 provides in-depth debriefings so you clearly understand how users perceive their experience with specific suggestions to make it better.

Without data, you're just another person with an opinion

W. Edwards Deming

We get to partner with some great clients

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Fini Perfect Store VR Experience

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Research and Insights Services For Your Brand

The most expensive way to execute a plan is to execute the wrong one. The time and budget costs of rework are orders-of-magnitude more than getting the right insights up front and building once. This is an easy call - let’s chat about your project and we’ll help you get moving in the right direction.

Research & Insights

Initial User Research Assessment

Most savvy business leaders know the best way to go about a project or deliverable is to fully understand it first - or at least enough to establish a proper direction before dedicating time and resources to it. But if you haven't worked with your Insights partner before, the up-front commitment can be intimidating. We get it. So we offer an initial assessment that allow our tho teams to work together for a short time in a way that delivers real value to you.

It's a clear, quick, deliverable that sets the stage for further action. But it doesn't tie you into a long-term, high-cost commitment.

A typical initial assessment may include:

    1st meeting introduction: Meeting to understand the problem & overall strategy

    Strategy and Research: 1-2 competitive analysis and consuming current research

    Interviews with Stakeholder: 1-2 customer interviews or internal stakeholder interviews

    Analysis and compiling information: Slide deck with results to use with us or without us

    Proposal adjusted to your needs: detailed proposal of nest steps

4-6 WEEKS15k - 25K

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