Salesforce Workflow Cases + Outlook integration

    Salesforce Workflow Cases + Outlook integration
    • Team
    • Project Manager
    • Salesforce Developer Senior
    • Delivery
    • Outlook Integration
    • Opportunity Customizations
    • Production Cases
    • Customer Support Cases
    • Case reports created
    • Import Product data
    • Update Opportunity data
    • Duration
    • 4 weeks
    • Capabilities
    • Salesforce Workflow Cases +
    • Outlook integration
    • Background
    • Kane Robotics had previously implemented a solution to track their sales pipeline. However, this tracking didn't provide insights into production progress for closed sales or customer support issues. Additionally, they sought improved email utilization within Salesforce.
    • Opportunity
    • We aimed to leverage the standard case object in Salesforce to not only track production cases but also manage customer support issues effectively. We utilized the existing Salesforce Outlook integration connector available in the Microsoft App Store to streamline email integration.
    • Our Work
    • We focused on closing the gaps identified in Kane Robotics' existing Salesforce implementation. This involved implementing a tailored production workflow and establishing a robust customer support case management system. Additionally, we optimized email integration with Outlook. The result is a more efficient, integrated, and user-friendly Salesforce Sales Cloud environment that aligns with Kane Robotics' specific needs and objectives.
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