Case Studies

Website Design

AIC Capital™, a start-up investment management firm specializing in direct real estate investments, provides accredited high net-worth individuals with innovative investment strategies traditionally only available to large institutional investors. Tonic3 was asked to help AIC Capital create a site that appealed to their clientele and showcased their premium service offerings.

Website Design

  • TEAM
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 UI Designers
  • 2 Developer
  • 1 QA Specialist
  • Discovery & benchmarking report
  • Full UX architecture Design system
  • Fully functional Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • CMS Implementation (Contentful)
  • Accessibility & QA consulting
  • 4 sprints from kick-off to UI Design
  • 6 sprints for the Development and Launch

The approach

Develop Personas and Prototypes

Tonic3 worked with AIC Capital to develop personas (profiles) for two key client types, which were used to tailor the site’s content around. The goal was to showcase AIC Capital’s background and philosophy to provide a sense of legitimacy, pique the interest of prospective clients, and invite them to get in touch with the AIC Capital team.

Tonic3 developed a clickable prototype to test the interaction between the various elements of the site. With careful attention to color, typography, and imagery, the site’s aesthetic elements were specifically designed to appeal to AIC Capital clients’ high-end, aspirational tastes, based on the previously created personas and extensive industry benchmarking.

The result

Launching a Premium Website

Tonic3 delivered a premium website with a look and feel designed to attract the specific types of prospects AIC wanted. Straightforward, easy-to-digest content was framed within a compelling story, leading to high customer engagement.

The team at Tonic3 listened to our needs for a website that would reflect the neat and premium look & feel that we desired for the type of clients to which AIC Capital is trying to communicate. Content-wise we wanted something very straight-forward and easy to digest—we wanted to tell a story in a logical and compelling way. We are very grateful for the hard work that the team at Tonic3 put into the website.

Ricardo Outi AIC Capital, Founder & CEO
About AIC Capital

AIC Capital™ is an alternative investment management firm specializing in direct real-estate investments. The firm is dedicated to helping family offices and high net-worth individuals optimize their portfolios with innovative investment strategies traditionally only available to larger institutional investors.

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