• TEAM
    • 1 Innovation Lead
    • 2 UX Designers
    • 4 Unity Developers
    • Delivery
    • Custom iOS and Android mobile app
    • Duration
    • 6 months
    • Capabilities
    • VR/AR
    • User Experience
    • Background
    • Residents, commuters, visitors, and tourist will soon come to expect to engage with cities through AR.
    • Opportunity
    • Create an engaging way for cities to tell their story, drive foot traffic to certain areas, highlight development work, and support local businesses.
    • Our Work
    • We’re building a platform which helps cities create unique experiences that can only happen in specific places. These custom engagements can be updated and moved to highlight the cities needs and calendar of events. From interactive AR art to 4 story high cowboys to rocket ships and fireworks… whatever helps tell each city’s unique story. Visitors explore the city’s rich history, funny stories, and more, all using AR technologies.

    • Check it out here
    Caba Preview

    Caba Preview