Disney Tickets

    Disney Tickets
    • TEAM
    • 1 Scrum Master
    • 1 UX Designer
    • 1 Functional Analyst
    • 2 Developers
    • Delivery
    • Full UX architecture Design system
    • Agile development for Web Application
    • Accessibility & QA
    • Duration
    • 6 months
    • Capabilities
    • User Experience
    • Development
    • Background
    • Disney was looking to help fans buy movie and event tickets since there was no digital hub for Disney shows in Latin America at the time.
    • Opportunity
    • Improve and measure the Disney fan experience tracking marketing efforts, sales, and conversions.
    • Our Work
    • We developed a platform that geolocates users and allows them to see and buy tickets for movies and events. Users receive information about cinemas and venues closest to them as well as information such as show time, room, format, etc. improving the user experience and prioritizing clear calls to action while measuring the user journey.

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