Case Studies

Accounts payable application

Fox International, a leading international television content provider, has an understandably complex accounting system to deal with invoicing and payments across many countries, currencies, and remote teams. While it was powerful, their accounting system was sometimes hard to use and frequently caused input errors. Tonic3 tackled one key pain point: how users applied payments to invoices. Because Fox needed to move quickly and stakeholders were scattered throughout Central and Latin Americas, the problem called for a remote requirements gathering and design solution.

Accounts payable application

  • TEAM
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 UI/UX Designers
  • Discovery & benchmarking report
  • Full UX architecture Design system
  • Fully functional Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • CMS Implementation (Contentful)
  • Accessibility & QA consulting
  • 4 sprints from kick-off to UI Design
  • 6 sprints for the Development and Launch

The approach

Tonic3 gathers requirements visually

Fox stakeholders in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Peru were invited to attend a remote sketching session called a Design Studio. A Design Studio, a rapid prototyping technique using a visual medium to uncover and prioritize requirements, is a highly effective approach for achieving consensus with individuals of varied backgrounds. During the Design Studio, attendees were asked to sketch their ideas for the future state of the important accounting system workflow in question. The free-flowing session was conducted in Spanish and English so each participant could express themselves easily. Tonic3 employed collaboration tools which allowed real-time voting, notes, and visually-driven discussion of each participant’s sketches. From the elements attendees had prioritized, Tonic3 created a single composite sketch and documented requirements.

The result

Tonic3 builds High-Fidelity Visual Prototypes

After composite sketch review and approval, Tonic3 created a clickable prototype to demonstrate required functionality and behavior. This prototype was then used to generate approval from all stakeholders including executives and the development team.

Our experience working with Tonic3 was truly great. It completely changed our way of thinking about the best way to do requirement gathering collaboratively - focused on the user. The experience was enriching for everyone involved. We ended up with complete consensus among participants, and then a final product with very high quality and excellent usability.

Flavio Smurra, Fox International
About Fox International

Fox International develops, produces, and distributes television and movie channels in Latin America, and elsewhere around the globe. The company owns and operates digital brands, online portals, production houses, and a network of production arms; operates high definition and third party channels; and publishes entertainment based websites.

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