Case Studies

Onyx Brand Strategy

Onyx Payments, the leading commissions processing clearinghouse for the hospitality industry, had acquired two similar companies in Europe and viewed the acquisitions as an opportunity to re-position its brand. Tonic3 was asked to assess the brand’s current state and test ideas to inform future brand strategy and communications with its customers.

Onyx Brand Strategy

  • TEAM
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 UI/UX Designers
  • Discovery & benchmarking report
  • Full UX architecture Design system
  • Fully functional Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • CMS Implementation (Contentful)
  • Accessibility & QA consulting
  • 4 sprints from kick-off to UI Design
  • 6 sprints for the Development and Launch

The approach

We harvest information remotely

More than 30 Onyx customers in the U.S., Europe and Asia participated in a series of remote discussion forums. Historical background, anecdotes and reactions to past and current brand communications and associations were gathered from participants. These brand interactions were transformed into a series of projective and collage exercises to further refine the brand’s meaning and nature.

The result

Pointing the way toward future brand strategy

Several key branding insights emerged from the assessment, which pointed the way toward a future brand strategy. The work was foundational to better understand the strength of the unified brands and provided important insights on how to move forward with the strategy in terms of communication to current and future customers. These insights are informing design, content strategy, and market-positioning decisions.

The team at Tonic3 brought third party credibility to assess our brand equity as well as better understand our opportunities for the future. They uncovered key insights regarding the “why” behind some of our strongest brand associations. Customer feedback to date has been very positive as well as has confirmed the direction we’ve taken. I’d recommend Tonic3 without reservation.

Mike Touhey, Chief Marketing Officer, Onyx Payments
About Onyx

Onyx Payments is a leading global provider of B2B payments and business intelligence solutions to the hospitality industry with offices in Dallas, Texas, Tønsberg, Norway, and Sevilla, Spain.

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