By breaking my AR idea up into smaller prototypes it's much easier to see the bigger picture come to life.

Phillip Howell

Virtual Reality

Maximize Your VR / AR Investment

Applying our UX testing knowledge to VR, we created an industry first - a vanguard VR testing program that uses brain scanning, skin response, infrared scanning, recall measurements, and other technologies to gather 120 data points per minute. We turn this data into insights that measure and quantify: Comfort, Immersion Events, Retention.

As a result we can help you maximize your VR investment by ensuring the experience delivers on your business goals: training, learning, delight, profit, etc.

Innovative approaches

Ideation for VR / AR

I believe that augmented reality will be the biggest technological revolution that happens in our lifetimes.

Tim Sweeney


VR / AR Development

From Strategy through Development and maintenance, we’re with you. We can complement your existing team’s skill sets within any of the stages above or, for maximum consistency, we can partner with you from the strategy phase through full development, launch, and maintenance.

We get to partner with some great clients

VR/ARUser Experience

Fini Perfect Store VR Experience

User ExperienceVR/AR

2023 UFO Experience


Mídia Futebol ESPN

User ExperienceVR/AR

ARms (Augmented Reality Management System)

VR/ARUser Experience



VR Testing Scenario

VR/ARUser Experience



Old Town Lewisville


Pharmaceutical Industry

Let’s Talk!

VR / AR Services For Your Brand

Not sure how VR / AR can impact your business? You know you need something but not quite sure what it is? Reach out to us and schedule a conversation - we’ll help you think through your goals.


Initial VR / AR Assessment

Our initial VR / AR assessment is designed to be a short engagement that delivers value quickly and efficiently - while allowing us to to evaluate if our two teams are a good match for each other. Think of it as that low-risk first “coffee date”.

VR / AR initial assessment includes:

    Initial Discovery Meeting: “We work with you to understand your goals of the engagement.”

    Strategy and Research: 1-2 competitive analysis and consuming current research Initial Audience Definition: “We work with you to understand what audience up to two would be the most likely users for your product.”

    1-2 Interviews with Stakeholder or Potential Users

    1 competitive analysis

    Technology Review: “If we take a quick look into your technology capabilities, we can leverage VR / AR in unique ways.”

    Virtual Design ideation workshop “We use the power of virtual reality to help you gain a deeper insight into these rapid ideation exercises. Our team will use a live 3D sketching activity remotely while you can watch and provide feedback.”

    Report of Initial Assessment Results:
    - Summary of Initial Assessment Information
    - Recommended VR / AR direction for your business
    - 2 Concept ideas
    - Path forward including next steps and priced plan for the rest of the project

6 WEEKS18k - 25K

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